On December 19th 2018, the Cowichan Region was pummeled by south westerly winds that sent thousands of pounds of trees crashing to the forest floor. For the Trails Community, this storm had a devastating effect on our trail networks.

Instead of being tagged as the weather event that destroyed our trails, stormageddon2018 will be remembered as an event that brought the volunteer Mt. Tzouhalem Trail Care Crew out in force! In an inspiring display of teamwork, camaraderie and organization we witnessed the Tzouhalem Trail Network almost entirely cleared of trees before most people had their power back on. Over the ensuing weeks, the remainder of debris and blowdown was cleared by mainly volunteer efforts. Excuse the pun but we were literally blown away by this amazing community!

As the organization that is officially “responsible” for the Mt. Tzouhalem Trail Network, we want to recognize and THANK YOU! It would have taken us weeks and cost us thousands of dollars to do the job that you did in record time. We wanted to give you something back, so that is what this BBQ is all about – celebrating the amazing Mt. Tzouhalem Trails Community! We hope to see you there!

This is a free family friendly event. We will have enough food for the first 300 people that show up. We will be serving Hamburgers, Veggie Burgers, Hotdogs and refreshments.

This will be a “Green” event – please bring a re-useable water bottle and coffee cup. Feel free to bring your own drinks – we will be serving a selection of juice, pop, coffee and soda water.

Please bring a lawn chair if you would like to sit and eat. We will have a couple propane fires to gather around.