Tomorrow we welcome over 600 participants from all over the world to compete in Day 1 of the BC Bike Race here in the beautiful Cowichan Valley! To keep you informed, here is a brief schedule of what will be happening and what activity to expect on the mountains.

Friday 4:30pm – Performance by the Tzinquaw Dancers at Maple Bay School field. The public is welcome to attend. This is a great opportunity to check out the amazing “pop-up” village that is home to the riders while they are here. There is a BC Bike Race tent where they sell very nice cycling apparel if you want to do some shopping!

Saturday 8:30am – The race starts at Maple Bay School in waves of 50 riders (see map). We encourage spectators to cheer the riders through the residential streets of the properties. Spectators are welcome anywhere on Mt. Tzouhalem. There will be parking in the Kaspa Parking Lot for those of you that want to hike or bike up and watch the riders come down your favorite trails. The riders will enter the trail network at the Nevilane Road trailhead – a great spectator spot as riders vie for optimal positioning heading into the trails.

Riders will finish the race loop on Tzouhalem and then transition (off the clock) to Maple Mountain. Due to a lack of parking, we do not encourage spectating on Maple Mountain unless you hike in on foot from an alternate trailhead.

11:00am – First racers begin arriving at the finish line located at Crofton ball fields (Spectators welcome)

12:00pm – We expect all riders to be off Tzouhalem by this time. Feel free to get in your weekend hike or ride.

3:00pm – We expect all riders to be off Maple Mountain.

Late Saturday and Sunday volunteers will be out pulling the flagging down.

Next week we will have crews out performing trail maintenance.

We hope to see many people from our community out enjoying this incredible event!