Looking at the forecast with rain and snow with freezing temps for the weekend we feel it is best just to push the next trail day into March. The frozen ground makes trail work difficult and possibly unsafe driving conditions to get our volunteers to the summit to work. We want to ensure that both our volunteers and trail day sponsors have the best possible day and for that reason we will postpone.

We are sorry for the delays but watch for lots of trail days this spring as we strive to get the trails great for the locals and also ensure the BC Bike Race route is in world class condition.
Also, the Directors have been working hard on trails over the last two months. Even though trail days have been bumped we are still getting critical work done on the mountains.

As always thanks for all your support and a big thanks to velofix , Cycle Therapy Bikes Duncan, BCCowichan Cycles Black and White Coffee RoastersPizzeria Prima Strada Duncan Butcher and Experience Cyclingwho have stepped up to the plate to support our volunteer days over the last 6 months.