Big shoutout to the amazing hard working Canadian Under 20 Rugby team that was in town and worked all day alongside the CTSS to reroute Resurrection on Tzouhalem! Also thanks to Dom and Robin who worked alongside Stephen today helping keeping those hard working volunteers on track and lend their trail building experience.

A major safety improvement for overall mountain safety was completed. The final part of Resurrection where you jump onto the road was changed so that it now connects to the lower part along the road that you would drop back into forest on the right side. You now ride continuously all the way to the parking lot on trail !

This change was made due to the extremely high ytraffic that is on the logging road and a jump and high speed exit was just not possible to maintain any longer. With all the uphill riding and hiking families as well as dogs we the change was much needed.

Lastly, a few of the dangerous wood plank bridges at the seasonal water crossing on Resurrection were removed as they were no longer rideable. These will be replaced with new bridges as soon as we can get to them.