You may have noticed that there are many more users accessing the local trails. We have seen trailheads at many sites swell over the last year right after the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. As a trail advocacy society, we are super stoked to see so many people enjoying trails, increasing their fitness and getting much needed outdoor experiences.

However, there are some costs related to this exploding popularity. One of the most impacted trailheads is the Kaspa Parking lot that accesses Mt. Tzouhalem (Pi’Paam). The traffic that comes into the Kaspa trailhead often exceeds capacity. On weekends, this is very evident with a constant flow of users driving through and parking in the residential areas below the lot. This has an impact on the residents that is significant. Although the people who live in this area are aware that people need to access the trails and see this as a good thing, there are times when the volume of traffic is so heavy that safety concerns are raised.

The CTSS asks users to consider the impact that the high use of this trailhead has on the immediate residents. We love the fact that trail use is increasing and more people are getting out. What we want to avoid is upsetting our neighbours who are living with the high volume of vehicles looking for a place to park.

Please, come and enjoy the trails. Please try to avoid peak times. Please consider other trailheads that you may have bypassed (Firehall parking lot, Nevilane Dr., Maple Mountain) And, most importantly, recognize that families live in these areas and conduct yourself like it was your home too.

We are actively working on spreading out the available trails that users can access. The CTSS knows that the increase in people on trails may be a lasting phenomenon that remains well past the end of the pandemic. We will continue to work for more trails, more access and more infrastructure to support people getting outside and improving their lives. This is a slow process but we are committed to the task.