As you may have guessed, the trails on Maple and Tzouhalem were hit very hard by last weeks wind storm. There are literally hundreds of downed trees on the trail systems. Some sections of trails will require rerouting given the damage produced by root systems being torn out of the ground.

However, the Cowichan Valley has responded with an epic effort to clear trails! Dozens of volunteers have taken to the mountains to assess damage and clear blowdowns. In fact, much of Tzouhalem is already clear! Many of your favourite trails are ready for holiday riding.

Please use caution as there will be some areas that have yet to be cleared. Expect the unexpected!

It will be some time before the double track access roads will be clear as the Municipality of North Cowichan will be harvesting those logs. Climbing single track is better anyway!

We will have professional crews working on Tzouhalem and Maple over the next days to weeks. Please obey signage as there will be some danger trees being removed.

Enjoy the holidays and a huge thanks to all the workers on the hills!