Both Mt. Tzouhalem and Maple Mountains are seeing record levels of traffic. This is understandable given the circumstances and need for people to exercise, get outside and maintain sanity. We all need these areas! However, there is concern about inadequate physical distancing. When the parking lots are over capacity, keeping your distance is difficult.
The Municipality of North Cowichan understands the needs of people to use these areas. However, they have a duty to maintain safety in these uncertain times. Due to this, some additional measures are to be put into effect:
1. If the parking lot is full, you may be denied entry. You may have to pass through a control point before entering.
2. Increased signage.
3. Bike wash facilities and bathrooms are closed. Please do not use the bushes for your needs. Do your best to empty yourself before heading out!
4. Actively display great physical distancing! Show everyone around you, and those who are watching, how to stay safe and not spread the virus.
5. Avoid peak days and hours.
6. Please ride in your local areas. We love riders/hikers from out of town but maybe check out your local trails for now. Really, we do love you!
7. If you see people acting responsibly while meeting their needs to get on the trails, make a comment here! Lets show the powers that be that we can do this!