We would like to give the trails community a heads up that the Blowdown Salvage Logging Operation will recommence on Maple Mountain next week (Sept 23). Representatives of the CTSS met with the Municipal Forester last week to discuss the salvage operation and what impacts to the trail we can expect. The area where salvage is to occur is in the middle section of Xylem between the intersection of Tony’s Arbutus and the intersection with M700.

The trees targeted for harvest are danger trees (trees leaning over or hung up in the canopy, within one tree length of the trail) and trees on the ground. No healthy standing timber will be cut except for trees that inhibit safe removal of the blowdown. The logs will be skidded out on an existing spur road off of the Maple Mountain Mainline that will be reactivated for this operation. The damage to the trail will occur in limited locations where the trees are skidded across the trail.

After meeting with the Forester and discussing the operation we feel confident that the logging plan is well planned out and will have a low impact on the trail corridor. We revisited the recently completed logged area on Lower Story Trails and we witnessed minimal disturbance in that area (see photos). After this current section of blowdown is cleaned up, there will be one more area of blowdown to clear closer to the summit of Maple. This will be scheduled sometime after Sept 29.

Please stay tuned for more detailed information about trail updates and closures over the next few days.